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Revo R322A Compact Electromagnetic
Drilling System

The REVO R322 introduces an improved performance, robust, cost effective and powerful magnetic drilling system.

With a powerful and reliable motor, 12-32mm cutter capacity, a new and improved durable arbor and an industry proven magnetic adhesion unit.

The REVO R322 is designed for easy application and optimum safety with a new easily accessible and simple to use control panel, improved lifting handles and in built security location for the safety strap.

It is a top performer in the workshop or on site and the perfect partner for TCT and HSS cutters.

  • Easily portable, lightweight and easy to use, all at a really competitive price
  • Cutting capacity 12mm to 32mm with cutters and twist drill capacity of 13mm
  • Magnetic holding 1000kg
  • Weight 12kg
  • Quality UK construction and 12 month user confidence warranty

Standard features

  • Proven and reliable magnet for maximum adhesion
  • Dual carrying handles
  • Reversible handle for use in awkward situations
  • Corrosive resistant, tangle-free cable from stand to drill unit
  • New and improved control panel for safe and easy use
  • "No Volt Release" switch for improved safety handling
  • A new rugged carry case that comes complete with cutting fluid, safety guard, safety strap, allen keys and drill chuck
  • 12 month comprehensice warranty

Great performance from this reliable and efficient magnetic drilling system

Now discontinued - Warranty & Spares Available

Height: 305mm (minimum)
460mm (maximum)
Width: 120mm
Depth: 275mm
Weight: 12kg
Motor input power: 850W
Spindle stroke: 155mm (travel)
Magnetic adhesion: 1000kg
Speed (load): 390rpm
Speed (no load): 690rpm
Cutter capacity: 12-32mm
Twist drill capacity: 13mm
Cutter fitting type: 3/4 Weldon
Voltage available: 110v/230v